Trevor Williams

Trevor Williams has always had a special passion for Haiti. Born in Virginia, he has spent most of his life living as a missionary overseas in Haiti and Africa. He has lived in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and South Africa, Virginia, Connecticut, Haiti and California. Living as a missionary has given him a unique view of the world, and he plans to use his specialized knowledge to develop the Firme Foundation, a non-profit organization to rebuild homes in Haiti out of recyclable material.

In January of 2010, Trevor was visiting his family who lived in Haiti when the 7.0 earthquake hit. The next few days were a haze of helping the injured and trying to find the rest of his family, whom he had been told perished when their five story apartment building completely collapsed on them. It was a miracle to discover that they had indeed been on the bottom floor when the building collapsed on top of them, but that they were able to crawl out of the wreckage. While they were evacuated to the United States due to injuries, Trevor stayed behind to help with the devestation that Haiti had been left with. Having just gone through a fire academy in which he was trained in Urban Search and Rescue, and having just received his EMT license, he was put in charge of food distributions, was a part of a helicopter food drop team and a search and rescue team. The last week he was in Haiti he assisted in surgeries and had the responsibility of caring for an orthopedic medical tent of earthquake survivors.

While he was working in Haiti, where he stayed for over a month after the earthquake, Trevor had a question posed to him. “What are you going to do when all of this is done?” He was struck by the question. With the frenzy that had accompanied the earthquake, he hadn’t had time to think about life outside and after the world of emergency medical procedures, search and rescue and attempting to provide food to those without any other resources. Living in Haiti had given him a unique perspective on the culture and the people. They were family now, survivors. His heart was full of Haiti’s pain. As he went to bed that evening, ideas started forming in his head, an organization to help rebuild Haiti, who, despite the previously already appalling statistics of poverty, now had a fresh one million more homeless. Firme Foundation, as he would later call it, would work to rebuild homes in Haiti using recyclable and eco-friendly materials, would provide shelter and pride for the people of Haiti, and would stimulate the shattered economy by providing jobs to Haitians, the vast majority of which survive on less than $2.00 a day.

Currently, Trevor is a Volunteer Firefighter in Southern California. He is looking to further his career as a Firefighter and out on the mission field. At the moment he is working on various projects to better Haiti. He looks forward to spreading the passion and hope he has for Haiti’s future and is eager to share his vision and his testimony with the world.