Kyle Almgren

Kyle Almgren is a preschool teacher with a passion to see the next generation around the world reach their highest, God-given potential. She began her full-time ministry in Haiti in 2011 at the Hands and Feet Project, where she lived with and taught preschool to the 2-3 yr olds, and monitored the progress of several infants with developmental delays. She recently accepted a position at the Greater Works Home for Girls in Port-au-Prince with a dual role: she currently serves as Assistant Director at the home, caring for 32 girls, ages 3-21 years old, and will serve as Kindergarten (U.S. equivalent to preschool, ages 2 1/2-5 years) Supervisor at the associated school for the 2012-2013 school year. Kyle’s vision is to create a sustainable and reproducible early childhood program that meets the developmental needs of the youngest, and most at risk, students in Haiti as well as providing a framework of support and professional development for teachers/caregivers.

Her “Roots”
Kyle grew up as a missionary kid in China and Thailand, but you could say her destiny was set at birth…She was born in Dallas, TX, while both of her parents were students at Christ For The Nations Institute. Missions has always been part of her DNA. After her family returned to the United States, she continued to serve on short-term missions to Thailand and Haiti with Teen Mania Ministries. Her first introduction to Haiti was on a trip with her local home church from the Pittsburgh area in 1997. The poverty was not unlike what she experienced in other countries, but it was the faces, and voices (like angels) of the children she met in Haiti that were unforgettable.

Her Journey
About a year after she graduated with a BA in Speech & Hearing Science from The Ohio State University, Kyle moved to Nashville. She began teaching at the Susan Gray School, an early intervention preschool on the Peabody campus of Vanderbilt University in 2003. After a visit to Morocco in 2006, the Lord began to give her a passion for the plight of young children in developing countries who are at risk for, or have, developmental delays or disabilities. In 2008, Kyle felt a definite shift in the direction God was taking her. She felt called to continue to pursue teaching in the public school system. That became an invaluable, practical training ground, as she had daily contact with children of multi-ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, as well as a variety of abilities, all in the same classroom. As an added bonus, Kyle had multiple breaks throughout the year, which gave her more opportunities to travel overseas. In addition to her professional experience, Kyle served as both an assistant and lead teacher in the preschool ministry at her home church, Grace Center, for two and a half years before moving to Haiti last summer. She lived with, loved on, and taught the toddlers at the Hands and Feet Project in Jacmel, Haiti, until November 2011.