Remote market place in the mountains near Thiotte, Haiti...  Photo By: Tim Nelson From ashes to beauty...  Photo By: Tim Nelson Trevor Williams shares his vision of building homes...  Photo By: Tim Nelson Two week old rescued boy, weighing in at 2lbs - 8ounces...  Photo By: Tim Nelson Missionaries and formerly abandoned youth stand united...  Photo By: Tim Nelson Missionary, Shane Mattenley surveys the area...  Photo By: Tim Nelson Beach Outreach Ministry in Jacmel, Haiti...  Photo By: Surf Haiti
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Updates/Blog From the Founder

Wednesday, Sept. 28th, day – 11 (last day of travel/home) Cuts, bruises, mosquito/bug bites, dirty clothes, smelly everything, bubble guts and exhaustion are just a few things that follow us to the states. We are on US soil and we are happy to be home.…