Little girl

In order for The Isaiah foundation to function properly and make a difference in the world, we need your financial help. As the founder of TIF, I am not ashamed to ask for your monetary contribution. It is not beneath me to “tug on your hearts strings” in order to get our Heroes the financial help they desperately need to help those that don’t have proper shelter, clothing, food, medical care and clean water.

The stories we tell are REAL. They are not exaggerated, they don’t have to be. Many of the pictures you see are people I personally know or have met. I was there when staff received the twins, one weighing 2 pounds, 4 ounces, the other weighing 2 pounds, 8 ounces. I heard when the mother of the twins told of how the father of the twins died of cholera and she hadn’t had enough to eat, was not producing milk and therefore had been feeding these beautiful, tiny twins, water with a little bit of sugar in it for the first two weeks of their lives. Had it not been for the Heroes in the field those babies would have died. They would have been another casualty of compassion overload and more than likely the only person who would have mourned their death would have been their mother. Oh, and Jesus.

Last night, my daughter was sick with a fever of nearly 103. I was concerned for her, but I knew with a few Advil and a cool cloth, she would be OK. But what if she wasn’t OK? What if something serious was wrong with her? I could scoop her up and jam down to the emergency room, or if it was more than what I thought I could handle, I could dial 911 and within a few minutes, medical professionals would be at my front door. I couldn’t help but reflect on how lucky I am to live in this country, where I have resources, opportunity and a safety net if absolutely needed.

I believe our Heroes deserve to be able to help those they are called to serve, unencumbered by financial hardships. I know their hearts. They are the most sacrificial people I have ever met. I know the programs they run have tremendous impact on the local community. I know they are not about temporary handouts or mere “aid” rather they are about building communities, creating opportunity and strengthening the local economy. However, they NEVER want to turn a blind eye to the desperate, the dying, the hurting and those in need. Yet they understand just helping out in crisis without building long-lasting financial opportunities coupled with education and a variety of other necessary life skills, will only further promote a mindset of poverty and remove hope from being self sustainable, free from the need of outside assistance. Our Heroes understand they cannot help them all, but they can help the one in front of them.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I give to this organization and not to another?” Well, that is a great question. I want to assure you that TIF’s goal is to keep administrative costs below 18% with the other 82% going directly to support our heroes, capital projects and other items that will directly impact the lives of those in desperate situations.  We also hope you consider giving to other worthy organizations as well.

As the Founder/CEO, I am the only salaried person (at this point) on the staff. I have “skin in the game” and much at that. I left a rock solid career that I loved, earning over $70,000.00 per year with a great pension plan. I downsized from a large home to a 600sf condo in an “interesting” part of town, have sold my car and many of my belongings merely to survive as the Foundation develops. I cashed out my retirement savings ($130,000.00 pre-tax), took a major hit in taxes, paid off debt and applied the remainder towards furthering our mission, some going directly to those in need, some going to cover my monthly expenses. Initially, I am hoping to take a monthly allotment of $2,500.00, however to date the monthly average has been less than $300.00. The financial trials have at times been overwhelming and quite scary. I have moments of doubt and fear nips at my heals daily, however God has been consistently faithful. I have met my obligations, not much wiggle room, but nonetheless He has met my needs and I am learning a lot about life and myself in the process. Truly I consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world to have been set free from the confines of “things” and from what many see as security.

I share all of this in order for you, the future financial partner, to understand my heart and the heart of The Isaiah Foundation. We are NOT about generating revenue so we can have fat salaries and live big lives, nor have we started the foundation to have new careers. Our intent is merely to serve the poor, the orphans, the widows and support those who have sacrificed their lives to tangibly demonstrate their love, HIS love, to a broken world. We must have your help to accomplish the goals of TIF. We long for your prayers, we covet your encouragement and we need your financial support. We understand sacrifice and the beauty laden between its tapestry of blessing. Please consider giving a one time gift or becoming a financial partner. When we have product (clothing, coffee, jewelry etc. coming soon), please purchase them for yourselves or for gifts. The money you spend will be used wisely and effectively.

Stan Doll