Stan Doll

As a Pastor, Life Coach and Founder/CEO of The Isaiah Foundation (TIF), Stan Doll has a deep passion and love for people. It is his goal to support the men and woman who sacrifice so much to serve the poor both in Haiti and worldwide.

He has a strong background of leadership, developed throughout his 21-year career in law enforcement, the last 12 as a Sergeant. The massive responsibilities of working in the detailed, critical world of law enforcement taught him a gamut of much needed skills to carry the weight of overseeing the day to day operations of TIF. Supervising dozens of Officers at a time, 100’s throughout his career, gave Stan a keen insight into people, an understanding into what makes them thrive, what breaks their hearts and how to inspire so they can meet their full potential. In addition, working both on patrol and in the jail setting, Stan acquired the necessary skills needed to make critical, life and death decisions quickly and within the confines of the law. These qualities being vital to working and surviving in dangerous, third world environments where safety is of paramount importance both for himself and those on the journey with him.

He has been through a wide range of life issues, including death of loved ones, financial trials, divorce and illness, all of which have developed his character and refined his view and relationship with God. After enduring and overcoming many of life’s trials, he deeply desired to share the joy he had found in his relationship with Jesus. This pull to lead others into a life filled with hope and joy, opened up opportunity for ministry. From leading Bible studies and men’s groups through his local church family, to running an outreach beach ministry (, Stan learned a new dimension on leadership. Leading in love and with vision.

TIF was birthed out of a life-changing trip to Haiti shortly after the devastating 2010 earthquake. He witnessed poverty at levels he could not have imagined prior to the trip. He held babies, days if not hours from death from mere malnutrition. He spent hour after grueling hour in tent cities where the hopelessness saturated the environment and the hearts of the people. That trip in the fall of 2010 changed his priorities and he was no longer content to live as he had been living. He left Haiti with a renewed passion, a focused purpose and truly felt alive for the first time in years.

After returning home he told God “If there is a way, and You want me to serve You full time, show me how.” Over the course of the next year, the plan became clear. Cash out his 21 years invested in safety retirement, take the crazy hit in taxes, pay off all debt, downsize to a 600 SF 1 bedroom condo (kitchen = daughter’s bedroom, living room = Stan’s bedroom etc), and apply the rest of the funds to building the Foundation. As Stan pondered this crazy scenario, he remembered the story of Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes who fearlessly led an expedition to the Yucatan Peninsula, ultimately leading to the fall of the Aztec Empire. In part, Cortes achieved victory by ordering his crew to “Burn the ships,” thus taking away any possibility of retreat. Stan knew this decision reflected the same commitment – Victory or Death. Deeply understanding the character and goodness of God, Stan chose to “Burn the ships” and trust in God to meet him in the going and teach him along the way.

In July 2011, leaving all security behind, Stan resigned from his law enforcement position. He jumped into the journey, a quest to bring hope to a desperate world. This call has captivated Stan’s heart and soul. There is now no retreat option, only victory.

Stan is 46 years old, engaged to be married to Denise Longo, has a 21-year-old son, Conner Doll, who plays a vital role in the organization, and a beautiful 12-year-old daughter, Kelsie Doll. They currently live in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He is mentored and spiritually covered by Pastor Mark DeJesus of Turning Hearts Church, Connecticut.