Supporting our Heroes emotionally is a top priority and a major piece of our overall mission. As such, we offer ongoing counseling and crisis counseling for our Heroes in the field. This is accomplished through video conferencing, connecting our licensed therapist, Rich Kepple with our Heroes, wherever they may be.

As you can imagine, our Heroes day to day grind in the field can be emotionally draining, taking its toll on their overall well being. Unchecked, it is not uncommon for missionaries to become isolated in their feelings creating a sense of being alone, leading to despair, depression, internal conflict, fear, lack of faith and family strife.

In addition to the daily trials, missionaries in third world countries often come face to face with the worst possible situations, including violence against themselves, their families and those they are ministering too. They witness illness, injuries, death and hear gut-wrenching stories that deeply penetrate the human heart and mind. Depending on the region in which they serve, this may be encountered daily. Without the opportunity to talk about these incidents/ordeals, stress levels WILL rise, leading to conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It is equally important to care for our Heroes of the faith as it is to bring the love of Jesus to a dying world. As “The Church” it is our responsibility to care for those on the front lines of the battle. We mustn’t turn a blind eye to the sufferings of those who have risked it all for the sake of the Call. If we neglect the emotional needs of our Heroes, it is not uncommon for missionaries to leave the mission field, feeling forgotten, abandoned and defeated. The Isaiah Foundation REFUSES to allow this to happen and is dedicated to meeting the emotional needs of our Heroes.

The Isaiah Foundation provides, free of charge, 8, 30-minute sessions for our Heroes (Missionaries) in the mission field and if needed, an additional 8, 30-minute sessions after returning to the States. For additional information regarding Counseling/Pastoral Care, please email