Special thanks to all who have donated financially and who have supported emotionally, spiritually and through prayer. The Isaiah Foundation would like to thank and honor the following (forgive us if we overlooked anyone):

Pastor Mark and Melissa Dejesus
Stan’s amazing Church Family – Turning Hearts Church, CT.
Brad and Tami Kygar
Matt Angel
Dan and Cindy Angel
Dr. Lynn and Carol Miller
Dave and Kim Roberts
Yoli Abarca
Steve and Gina Doll
Rich Kepple
Mike Casteel
Pastor Rick Johnson
Jeff Gallagher
Denise Longo
Susie Goodrich
George and Sara Ramirez
David and Janine Cutler
Derek Yopp
John and Jennifer Claxton
Vicky Rodarte
Steve Harmon
Gina Reyes
Our Facebook family
Friends at OCPD

Each of you, along with many others have helped in a variety of ways to drive The Isaiah Foundation forward. We are forever in your debt and our hearts are linked for eternity.